Friday, November 13th

It's been a fun couple of weeks: got hired to do some freelance pentesting, one of my articles as posted on eForencsics Magazine: "Case Study - Basic Malware Analysis using Kali" and got to bolster my cigar collection with some nice hearty samples. Did some spirited canyon riding. This weekend should be filled with some nice R&R. Looking forward to checking out a local security group that does monthly talks later this week...

Monday, October 26th

It was a great four-day weekend. I took some time back to getting used to riding my motorcycle again. I hadn't ridden it in about a month's time for commuting and probably once over this time span for recreational riding. Most of that was due to the extreme heat we've been going through as well as getting spoiled with my newly leased vehicle. Nothing beats high-powered AC while listening to Andrea Bocelli. I still need to spend some serious time inventoring my collectibles compromised of various action figures, comic books and trading cards. In the end I'd love to get rid of it in bulk but need to generate a manifest with pictures for any type of traction. One of my older friends reached out over the weekend and mentioned he and his wife are taking a motorcycle riding course so that will be thrilling to ride with them once they've scored some miles.

Wednesday, October 14th

Alrighty, so now most of this site has the content I wanted to add (and then some)... now onto the blog and projects. At the moment I'm helping out a friend with their photography-based website from scratch, doing some freelance security consulting, thinking of some OS X 10.11 El Capitan R&D, and also thinking of some things to do write-ups on. Within the last couple of months I've been playing around with deep meditation and lucid dreaming... it's really quite fascinating and hoping to write about it soon.

progress is progress...

After organizing interesting information about me, I finally got a chance to start adding it to the various pages within... last updated Wednesday September 30th 2015.

reboot in progress...

Surprise - I'm performing another reboot of this site. Updates should start appearing shortly within the week (for reference it's currently: Saturday September 12th 2015).