Listed below is the maintained list of articles I've written freelance for various security-based print and online publications.

eForensics Magazine

July 2023

There are Three CyberChefs!' in this issue (pp.43-63)


July 2023 Special Edition

The Israel Torres Compendium (Special Edition)


June 2023

Obfuscating Infiltration and Exfiltration with Code Cave Artifacts (pp.57-87)


May 2023

VirusTotal's Code Insight Versus ChatGPT Analysis (pp.84-99)


April 2023 Exclusive

Interview with Israel Torres (pp.91-95)


April 2023

Hunting for macOS Ransomware Using VirusTotal Enterprise (pp.23-44)


March 2023

Apple macOS Ransomware Where Art Thou? (pp.46-58)


February 2023

Analyzing Mobile iOS Apps with VirusTotal Enterprise Online and macOS Ventura Locally (pp.7-26)


January 2023

Analyzing Malware Mobile Apps with VirusTotal Enterprise Online and Kali Linux Locally (pp.9-28)


December 2022

Eschew Obfuscation, Espouse Elucidation (pp.46-68)


November 2022

Malware in the Sky with Diamonds (pp.51-67)


October 2022

XProCheck: When Necessity is the Mother of Reinvention (pp.79-85)


November 2015

Case Study - Basic Malware Analysis using Kali


December 2012

DIY Remote Mac OS X Watchdog


September 1, 2017

The Recollection of an Operator : Operation Black Bag


August 15, 2017

Information Secrets III


August 5, 2017

Automation - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


April 16, 2017

Enter the Hand-Wave


April 10, 2017

Information Secrets II


April 3, 2017

Half-baked Developer


March 20, 2017

Security is number one!


March 13, 2017

I don’t click links…


March 2, 2017

Information Secrets

Milton Security Group

March 31, 2013

Operative Drunk Dagger


March 22, 2013

Serious Security Is Serious


March 15, 2013

Have Malware, Will Propagate


March 13, 2013

Ms. Configuration


September 19, 2012

iPhones iPhones Everywhere>/a>


September 11, 2012

Access Creep

PenTest Magazine

August 2012

Configuring and Executing a Pentesting Scenario with Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8

INFOSEC Institute

April 2012

Hacking WolframAlpha - The Anatomy

Hakin9 - IT Security Magazine

October 2011 [Hack Apple 10/11]

Apple Memory Tricks [source code]


September 2011 [CryptoTutorials - Multi-part Series]

PART 4 Cryptography Fundamentals: Crypto Tools


September 2011 [Secure Coding 9/11]

Review of Passware Password Recovery Kit Forensic 11.0


September 2011 [Secure Coding 9/11]

For My Eyes Only [source code]


August 2011 [Hakin9 Extra 3/2011 – Forensics]

Forensic Improvisation [source code] [direct]


August 2011 [CryptoTutorials - Multi-part Series]

PART 3 Cryptography Fundamentals: Crypto with Keys [source code]


August 2011 [Hacking RFID 8/2011]

RFIDIOt for Mac OS X [source code] [free article] [RFIDIOtOSXInstaller2011 MD5]


July 2011 [CryptoTutorials - Multi-part Series]

PART 2 Cryptography Fundamentals: You can’t hide what isn’t there


July 2011 [CryptoTutorials - Multi-part Series]

PART 1 Cryptography Fundamentals: What you see isn’t what you get


June 2011 [Hakin9 Extra 1/2011 – Exploiting Software]

From Fuzz To Sploit [source code]


June 2011 [Insecure Access Control 06/2011]

Obscuring the truth [source code]


December 2010 [Botnets, Malware, Spyware – Hakin9 11/2010]

dasbot: controlling IRC via bash [source/support]


November 2010 [Spyware - someone is always watching...]

When XOR is your friend... [source code]


September 2010 [Mobile Malware – the new cyber threat]

Armoring Malware: Hiding Data within Data–-the-new-cyber-threat/


June 2010 [Is DDOS still a threat?]

More Secure PHP Server Side Source Encryption


June 2008 [Hacking Wi-Fi]

PKCS Potion Number Twelve


July 2015

10 Security Tips for Safe Computing for OS X Yosemite


November 2012

10 Security Tips for Safe Computing for OS X Mountain Lion


April 2012

20+ Top Security Tips for Safe Computing for Mac OS X


September 2010

Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac Home Edition Review


May 2010

PGP 10 WDE for Mac OS X (Snow Leopard) Review